This Freeze Will Kill Houston’s Mosquitos… NOT!

Chief Meteorologist David Paul , KHOU 8:26 PM. CST December 15, 2016


I hear this all the time…’We just need a good freeze to kill off these darn mosquitos!’ Well, think again. They have been on earth for more than 200 million years. So, yea, they know a thing or two about survival.

“The freeze forecast for Houston … will not solve the mosquito problem.”

Freezing temps do not kill them because the insects are cold blooded. That means their body temperature moves up and down with the air temperature.

Mosquitos are most active when temps are above 80 degrees. They become much less active and in fact will not fly or bite when temps drop below 50. So what do they do when a freeze hits? The surprising answer is, they hibernate. Females will find holes in the ground and can wait out the cold weather for up to 6 months, plenty of time to survive Houston’s short winters.

Some females will lay hundreds of eggs in cold water. It freezes. The eggs lay dormant trapped in the ice all winter long, then hatch in the spring when the ice melts. Springtime in Alaska (of all places) can bring swarms of mosquitos numerous enough to kill baby caribou!


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